Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday: Just The Day To Get On Tracks

Swamped by things to do to start the week and feeling stressed about? Then just do the age-old trick of writing every task down on paper to help you sort things out. Or if you can't take your hands off the keyboard then better use something else like Tracks.

As A Nerds Haven would point out, Tracks offers a simple way
to organize your to-do lists. What I like about it is that the UI gets to list all your current projects and check them off as you would if you're using a moleskine. Of course, it does a lot more.

You can install the application if you know something about Ruby on Rails but why bother, when you can use it on-demand, anywhere by signing up and logging on to MorpheXchange and adding them to your subscriptions list, for free.

Now that will be your first task for today.