Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Big Blue Sun Be Big Enough to Bump Off AWS?

Not a slow news week by any means ...

IBM to acquire Sun: Can't help thinking its either because of the recession or just the race towards cloud computing ...

Not enough that you have a SaaS product (Thanks to Michael Dunham)

A SaaS Video Worth Watching

CRM 2.0 or Social CRM: Now CRM is beginning to get it and goes into 'social'

*Adding Customer Insight
*CRM Integration with Social Platforms: Which is hitching on to which? Does it matter? Depends on ease of use - just an assumption..
*CRM via iPhone 3: Does that answer your doubt as to the value of CRM?
*SRM (Social Relationship Management): Same concept albeit different name

Social Media up as economy going down: Increased spending is proof that it must be working but still a small outlay
If not then you're company is slowly dying
Social Media proof from a Forrester experiment: Got to have a 'cause'