Friday, March 6, 2009

Being Amazon In A Seemingly Google Web World

Oh, to be Amazon is to be the most Innovative - without the web necessarily putting your face in the front cover all the time. (Mapping innovation across the globe) But being Google isn't too bad, not a bit - except when you have a need to build social sites. (Likaholix and the ex-Googlers angle to building social networks)

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Hot off SXSW is MobyPicture. Phone pics to all sites, err almost all. Plus the great list of Web Awards finalist here. Still not finished checking each one

Again, Tracking Twitter by Topic. Useful. Check out Omniture, Twitter Analytics that raise the bar (Article from Mashable)

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& Starter Web Apps for Small Business, too.

Google Health is about sharing online records (instead of clamming up and giving the privacy argument)

Both photos from Liam Hodgeon's A Lot of Effort is Put in Making Things Look Effortless courtesy of that hell of a site called Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far