Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meat the Tweet

Add to the charisma by showing some skin

It's bound to be scrutinized even back when people adopted the term micro-blogging to differentiate the short post from the regular blog posts. It wasn't such a force then but it's different now!

Brian Solis writes about it and it and the stats for me do make sense. And now I have a good excuse for slacking off the posts. :)

Anyway, I finally have the nerve to marry my tweets into the posts directly for the first time as long as I feel there's something I'd like to add - like meat to the bone (or forever hold my breath).

A Macbook Air replica for cheapskates like me :)

Recession innovations? This one sure is simple (and tugs at the heart). Beth Israel finds a team solution.

Haven't written much or showcased Ruby on Rails for some time but good to find our team in this honor list! 50+ Ruby-related Blogs to Read

Buddhist enlightenment? Throw some tweets my way cause I do love to meditate - cause I'm way too stressed!

Under the Radar looks really interesting for companies that are sort of similar to our own - Cloud Computing, PaaS and SaaS mostly. Hope we can participate, too.

And a Plug for ApacheCon 2009 Europe via my colleagues post on our very own Carlos Sanchez!