Monday, March 30, 2009

4-Told: 4 Stories 4 The 4th Month

To be as One: If you joined millions who have celebrated Earth Hour roughly 48 hours ago, how significant was it for you?

Me? I'd say it gave me a sense of being 'empowered'.

Could get used to this...

Sides Will Clash: Gen Y or Facebook Generation vs Fortune 500.
Gary Hamel is spot on in his description. Unfortunately for us, everything isn't virtual. Yep, we still need air, the Oxygen-kind.

Three is a crowd - not for the Open Cloud Manifesto. Amazon, Microsoft and CICC, too. So many reasons for not joining yet not one is in disagreement with basic premise that cloud standards should be open. Not bad, thank you.

Final Four. Just had to include this. Villanova makes it in exciting fashion. Spartans are at home. UConn and UNC prove year in and out that they belong. Will just watch than jinx my pick.