Friday, January 9, 2009

A Welcome Difficulty

Towards the end of 2008, it is obvious that churning out post after post as much as I wanted to was going to be painfully difficult. No excuses about 'flesh not being able to keep up with the spirit' but the transition to work from home to weekly trek to the office which totals around 4 gruelling hours can really expose age. [Oh, Manila during the holidays!]

Still, for the rare few who still drop by, a very big and humble thanks.

I will strive to continue being an outpost for interesting finds in the web especially, but not limited to, cloud computing, Saas and Paas. SO bear with me for inserting musical & philosophical (but unfortunately, never fashion) tastes every now and then.

I can't help it.

Welcome to 2009,

In case you're interested in New Year ramblings, check this out. [Shameless plug]