Friday, January 16, 2009


The new year holds a lot of promise, (yes, but it goes beyond cloud computing, saas or paas and the rise of more web apps for that matter) none of which I felt has worked to my benefit yet. You see, I've been operating at less than 100% of my health that left me pill-popping whose body has become an unlikely bin for mucolytic and other cough remedies. And despite that, I never felt much better and in fact wasn't able to get that much needed rest that I feel holds the key to my recovery. The odds are now stacked against me since little kid has also developed 'drippy nose' and so has wifey, too.

It seems that pain is always a part of transitions, no doubt about it. Superstitiously, that is what being able to finally move this blog into the new domain involves. After all, the name comes from dear, old Brother Francis and he'll have it no other way to be able to attain Perfect Joy.

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Nancy Jaime said...

happy new look to your blog, Alain! mine is in the works, as usual.