Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spread the SaaS love, Web 2.0

99.9% as a number is nothing to be scoffed at. I don't remember even getting those numbers academically (maybe once during a research presentation where the dean thought I was exceptional - which I promise to never happen again or I'll eat okra for breakfast).

But with web services, 99.9% is a big deal and outages, depending on perspectives, can either spell trouble and opportunity. Honestly, I don't find anything unusual about outages. They happen and will happen, as certain as the next big tsunami that experts warned coastline residents about. Oh, I guess no one ever saw it and if one did, he was taken for a fool and/or got no PR.

SLAs, building trust, contingency plans and just being upfront with downtimes can lessen the headaches but in the long run it will always be the values added to the services that will carry on the relationships, between startups, established companies and surprise, between people, too

And that's Web 2.0 for you.