Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rails on the Orient Express: Next Stop - Hong Kong Part 2

Many of you probably have heard about this guy. But in case not, here's Leon Ho as Top 4 Businessweek Asian Entrepreneur for 2007. Great!

Good thing we got his replies, too.

1. Personally, what makes Rails special?

Probably the defined conventions. It unifies the design and implementation from developers across the team. The language, Ruby also makes Rails special.

2. Are there barriers towards a broader Rails adoption?

People usually have to see success story before going to adoption,similar to people buying books based on a review. The problem is that there aren't many big scale (with high complexity) apps yet

3. What are the things you would like to see happening as a member of the Rails
community in Hong Kong?
First thing to build a community really is engagement. Probably have more activities and chats in mailing list is a good start.