Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Being Me, a Palie

I am not going to ask permission for digressing a bit from the main purpose on why this blog was created. At the moment, I am maintaining two blogs - one each for a facet of personality that is sheltered in one body and has one brain, just a tiny un-taxed one. It is an exercise necessitated by a wish to look purposeful and organized but may have ended up seemingly too bit compartmentalized, honestly.

This one's about bringing value to work which I've strained hard to understand and still feel familiarly unfamiliar. Which is great, if you ask me.

The other is about me, too. Except that it is more about values and a digital archive of how it is now, with the hope that our beloved would come to know how much we cared for her (although most of the time it may have felt like we don't, especially me.)

And so being me on this day of February 2008 is being the Pale Fountains fan, a true Palie. I first heard of them more than 20 years back in my youth and their voices and the sounds of their instruments have been with me ever since. Hearing and knowing that they were back for two nights in Liverpool and London after all those years just reminded me once again of how great of an influence they have on me. How I wished I was there.

What can I say?

Thank you.


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