Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vanishing Acts: Google Lively, Print, CEO (and my viewing pleasures)


Much of what I read on the web nowadays is about tech which practically skyrocketed to the clouds because of my present job. Yet of course, I also like reading about other things, like basketball for example. I try to keep abreast of what's happening, whether NBA or NCAA since I don't get to watch the games on TV anymore [because my kid owns the remote].

Anyway, interesting when these two fave topics cross paths but not in a feel-good sort of event. Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban on defense against the Team USA - SEC! More on the case.

Google Lively? Unplugged. Irony.

Apparently, today's 'heat' is just too much for execs so out of Yahoo, Jerry goes! Possible replacements?

Paper cuts used to mean being micro-sliced usually on the fingers but now it means 'less dead tree publishing'. PC Magazine, Adieu. On the other hand, Watchdogs! (Courtesy of NYT; Ironic)

Content Delivery Network goes to Amazon CloudFront! So long, competition...

Even Cloud Computing faith goes out, too as Google proves it can also do downtime! I mean regularly.

Cloud (Czar) goes up and Sun (employees) go down!
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