Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prolonging the Scary SaaS Agony

More growl than bite.

5 Questions to Ask before Going SaaS

Valid questions. Yet, moving into new technology is like going to uncharted territory but I'd rather be optimistic about it despite the pitfalls. A lot like life.

I've written my thoughts below for each of the 5 questions.

1. SaaS-based Apps will never got the full route of traditional full-featured sets. That is why it's lightweight. So narrow the expectations because fact is, most never use the complete features anyway!

2. Sure you can include IT, but a SaaS App that is too complicated isn't a good app to start with. Lesson: It should be simple enough to use that it doesn't need to be put inside a box along with instruction manual.

3. The majority of SaaS Apps are, continually, a work in progress (or perpetual beta as most would term it) but yes, be sure you can move in and get out with little fuss so you or your company won't get burned. Then move to the next tempting SaaS app

4. Capex vs Opex. Truth is that in the long (as in years or so) run, SaaS Apps will cost more than buying outright traditional licensed software applications. Think of it as cost of updates and maintenance of software to current hardware specs so it never becomes obsolete. It is still way better than buying 'new' software set every 3-5 years without feeling that something improved really. Caveat: You can always opt out to try others without shelling out that big investment.

5. Integration issues? These will eventually take care of itself because that is what IT departments do - wrestle with integration issues regularly. SaaS or no SaaS. It is a matter of adaptation and you know what happens when you can't adapt. In a year or two, most legacy apps will be gone anyway (replaced by you know what).

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