Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Eed's

There's too much bold phrases (as in Unread) on my e-mailboxes, NetNewsWire and Google Alerts that I barely have time to write even as I read about how interesting some stuff really are and worth sharing. So I'm having a go at Quick Eeds, just to make it more palatable (and more time to Tweet?!).

UnHealthy Competition
Looks like not only are techies the ones against any monopoly of the web. These men in white are, too especially with MSFT men speaking about paternalism. Semantic, bwishet. (C/o NYT)

Not the Wilbury's but from Hippie town as well. If you've time to spare, go visit.

No Casey Kasem and no fan mails but these are real ruby gems on rails.

MSFT Subscription?
SaaS, can't fight it, huh. Even behemoths fall for it.

And Better late tweet than never
Shel talks to the Twitter guys and there are plenty of insights to Twitter world. Guess, I belong to the above-average posteurs posting more than 3x a day. I'm turning Japanese.