Friday, April 4, 2008


Yes, that is actually a word and it does mean something. In Danish, actually. Arbejde means work and glæde means happiness, so arbejdsglæde literally translates into work-happiness. Isn't that something worth looking into especially if you want to really unleash what you feel you are capable of doing excellently and not just go through the motions?

There are plenty of resources in the web to help guide you in finding happiness at work. Found one here which is nicely written (and which actually make sense). Here's a brief excerpt from happy guy guru, Alex Kjerulf:

"Though we may not have a dictionary definition of happiness at work, all of us know when we are happy at work—and especially when we’re not. Happiness at work is that feeling you get when you:

1. Really enjoy what you do.
2. Do great work you can feel proud of.
3. Work with amazing people.
4. Know that what you do is important.
5. Are appreciated for your work.
6. Get to take responsibility.
7. Have fun at work.
8. Learn and grow.Make a difference.
9. Feel motivated and energized.
10. Know that you kick butt." Ouch.

Oh and one other thing, you may want to start finding out more about the things that motivate you (and it's not just money, I guess) and finding more about your strengths (VIA listed 24 and you get to know what your top 5 are), you may start here.

Good luck, fellow Padwan!

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