Friday, April 11, 2008

(Almost like) Spontaneous Combustion

Been complaining for the last three weeks how terribly hot and early summer has been in this part of the world. But guess what? Some things are even hotter.

Here's my some like it hot topics for this week - Power Station plug.

3. Rice and falter
More like risin' rice price. In what seemed to be highly unthinkable years ago, Asia and the rest of the rice-eating world is on the grip of a rice shortage. So, quick, what's the culprit? Overpopulation, drastic weather changes, urbanization of agricultural areas and what else? I say bring back the needed emphasis on agriculture and food technology. What good is a Macbook Air if you can't get any food? Try bread and insects, probably.

2. Google App Engine
It is forgivable if your not spending time glued to the web and you don't care shite about it. But if you do, then there is no need to talk about it more. Google it and brush away the clouds of your doubt, that indeed we're headed into the on-demand future. Oh, and they're not supporting Rails, yet. Just so you know who does.

1. Flaming the Games of Discontent
Or is it Gaming the Flame. Much as I would like to rank Google App Engine as the hottest and possibly having the far-reaching effect among the three hot topics, I just couldn't keep my head out of the Olympics( nothing hotter than the lighted flame, literally). Must be the sports fan in me who is convinced athletes would have to decide for themselves how to keep politics out of the Games (which they couldn't in all honesty). I'm all for the peaceful solution for the Tibet dilemma but the cynic in me believes it won't happen. Nothing like putting pressure to the powers that be that is China. Still it is unfair to let all the preparations go for naught especially for the athletes who sweated it out. So, to each his own and let the Games continue. I wonder which athletes will show hands of defiance ala Black Panther. Now, I'm really excited.