Sunday, March 9, 2008

Stalled and installed: Disclosures 2

Stalled: New Posts

It had been a whirl of a 2 weeks and a half, most of which was due to this:

This is my very first screencast, crappy voice and all. It is actually version 3 already and really spent a lot of restless days and nights trying to make it presentable. But overall, it's been a rewarding experience and gasp, I look forward to doing a lot more - but this time with a better mic and a sound-proof room (as if it was possible).


Yep, I wanted to do more blog posts but wasn't expecting something like officially writing for Morph as one of its bloggers for Asia. Anyway, expect to see some of my posts there while I ponder on how to keep up writing here
. Any suggestions on how to do it will be most appreciated.

Disclosures 2.

I've now been officially part of Morph Labs, Inc (actually started early February). This means I may have to do more writing about company products and sharing them with you over at the company blog. Good thing is, hearing from our guys again this week, the Morph Application Platform really is something. I am as wide-eyed as a kid learning about space as I was upon attending product briefing on its cool set of features. Technology and innovation truly is something.

Still expect to get more news and views on SaaS happenings and Asia Ruby on Rails updates here along with a few occasional rants and personal advocacies in the world of tech. Maybe we could also put in some profiles of interesting persons and places I now meet along the way.