Wednesday, March 19, 2008

E -seuss

Looking at my Google Reader, Netnewswire and even Delicious account, it is quite easy to surmise that what interests me the most pertains to Tech issues that relate to the Morph Application Platform and updates particularly Ruby, Rails and Social Media in general. Sure, I do because it's not just work but it's really pretty interesting, a sub-culture of puppet masters of the economy and the radical future. Yet, I honestly admit that I still get easily drawn to issues close to my heart like personal stories of human inspiration and yes, human struggle which simply can't quite exist without the other.

Sure, I continue to seek out and carefully read blogs by programmers and developers. What's surprising is that more than a few of them are putting time writing about these human issues and personal things, too. So, without much ado, I'm going to fire away about things not typically Educe/E-juice.

Tibet and (sporting) glory
The Beijing Olympics is about to start its Olympic torch relay and what a real bummer for them. For years, Tibet, under the Dalai Lama's strict non-confrontational stance even in exile, quietly protested to no avail. But a change in strategy is sure to happen especially when younger Tibetans, who have not been as strongly exposed to the Dalai Lama's teachings nor guidance (compared to ideas about freedom, rights and internet), take to the fore.

1. Are the Olympics really insulated against politics? Each gold necklace represents a noose for Tibetans. Glory to the Games? And so what about the training and date with destiny? Who stands to lose more if there is a boycott? Athletes, China or even companies...


2. What are the sentiments of typical Chinese people to the Tibetan occupation? Do they really believe Tibet is worth the trouble, a historical Chinese claim/right or a show of might? Oh, geography...

3. Is the Dalai Lama advocating that Tibet be like Hong Kong? Autonomous and partly-free? Do Hong Kong residents really feel free? Or is it just about commerce and being powerless?

TED is more than a name
The site for me. Go visit and marvel at true... uhmm, universality of resonant ideas. And presentations of remarkable people, as well.

Mac, not your average Joe
Yes, I use a Macbook and I'm way too cool to be cleaning the toilet and/or washing the dishes (but I do as a form of meditation). Uh uh. Better still, I'm into raising my daughter, Zaki to be the village bully as well as the classiest nose picker among 3-year olds. But don't take my word for it, read this. And how about the Ruby and Rails guys? Control-Alt-Delete

Horton, that's who. From the ever creative Dr. Seuss - "Seuss" which was supposed to rhyme with voice than with juice. Now that would have been eedious.