Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Morph[x]Code: For ideas whose time has come.

I remember 2 years ago, after my kid-induced retirement as I was bumming around without a clue, I chanced upon former college mates who were prodding me to go and teach at our college. I said that would be neat, except that 1. I do not believe that I have necessary credentials to teach whatever course there is after being too far removed from the field of study for the last few years and 2. if ever, what I'd like to teach or maybe just spread the word about is on micro-enterprise or something about going into business. Why, they asked? Well, it's not just about money but it's the best way to progress with other families in tow.

I guess that was too narrow-minded of me given that I now am in the company of real persons who made their way to the top and I mean, global top. And it's not just about the money. It rarely is. It is about following passions and molding them into ideas. I wouldn't say that the path is smooth cause it certainly is not but where it used to be dark, there now are far more number of lamp posts as guide. Resource. There's the web and google away, as they say.

And there's Morph Code. Resources like start-up money and mentoring awaits the winners. Sign up cause we're going global, Asia! And it begins here, with the Filipino technopreneur...