Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Company Culture

Unlike in microbiology, it's not easy to identify the kind of company culture that exists within minutes of observation. Whereas in the lab, a Gram stain may not give the complete picture but at least it is a valid step towards finding cause that would be a factor in finding the proper course of treatment.

Neither would closer inspection be as helpful as evidenced by the series of company audits that often would fail to unmask the truth behind a week-long front. It is obvious that social behavior cannot be easily replicated in a lab setting. (Remember Enron and Anderson Consulting. Trust fail!)

But then, more often than not, a miscue or misstep would reveal more insight about the company and the prevalent behavior and personalities within it. The immediate responses and succeeding turn of events would provide enough feel on where the company stands in the spectrum of group dynamics and relationships. As they say, nothing is a illuminating as a problem.

Even better is the growing interest and developments in the field of analytics where supplied video is as objective as you can be looking through patterns and not just one-time occurrences. It's a big thing now with team sports as it supplies coaches and managers with analytical data.

But to see it being done inside offices and organizations is another matter. People have enough anxiety with big brother and cloud to worry about paranoia-inducing analytics even if with intent towards achieving not juts productivity and efficiency but healthier work environments, too.

With that said, a great alternative would be to spread awareness of the importance of a company culture that ties the company mission with staff morals and values. Bringing such to the fore,would be a brilliant step that announces how a company values it's staff and would go to great lengths to ensure success will be both a personal and group thing. Plus of course,how to build a strong one is always often easier and better.

Company culture is not just one elephant in the room.


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