Monday, August 30, 2010

To Run Amok

Depressing week spent shuttling between two hospitals and home because Zaki becomes feverish the moment we get discharged and returns home. Strangely, her condition hasn't returned to normal yet.

But them some had it worse, and it's not PNoy.

1. Hostage-taking is an EVENT! If you have gripes, legitimate or not, get your 15 minutes of fame by doing the hostage-taking thing. Media will have a field day.

2. Some hostage situations were more dire but after which, seems a win for saving lives, if not preventing casualties. Remember, Russian theater terrorist hostage. It could've been really worse.

3. Hostage-taker gets the blame. Period. Some had tougher luck in life but never took anyone else's.

4. What if media gives hostage situations the cold shoulder? Or would we rather have public officials forcibly enforce news blackouts? Bad ratings = cry censorship.

5. Respect police lines. Ever seen a sniper being interviewed live with a camera on his face. Talk about what's the more important FOCUS.

6. It's a no-win situation for the police, but can be for the hostages. The fact that hostage-taking happened in very public tourist place is already unforgivable in the first place. Get over it and focus 100% on saving hostages lives. Even if it means taking aim at hostage-taker. It's not your duty to be media darlings.

7. The man transformed from being calm to running amok. You cannot reason with it. Question was why?

8. Once shots rang out, there's no reason for ground troops to be deliberate in storming the bus. Bullet-proofs would've helped. OR were they distrustful of any police/sniper cover for them?

9. Under the glare, media can really put the pressure. In this case, to whose benefit?

10. Not shameful of an inadequately-trained and poorly-equipped police force, over eager and ratings-hungry media or a hands-off executives (honestly, they won't know any better) over this one because THIS is Philippine reality. But do people have to be smiling and pose for pictures at the site just a few minutes after?

Apologies to the victims' kin and HK people. It is unfortunate that it had to happen to you. Just imagine what it's like for people living here under that constant chaotic threat. Seems we ordinary citizens can't do something about it, and that's when the depression turns to sick laughs.

Otherwise, remaining sullen, we'd all just snap and run amok, too. But only hoping it happens, one at a time, for media and police sake - where the foibles and follies of a rotten system competes for the best form of reality entertainment .

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