Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ayala Foundation USA Launches First Philippine Development Forum

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Ayala Foundation USA (“AF-USA” or “the Foundation”) is convening the first-ever Philippine Development Forum on September 25, 2010 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose to bring together Filipino and Filipino-American -- the second largest Asia-American population estimated at 4 million, or 1.5% of the US Population -- thought leaders from both sides of the Pacific to discuss solutions to the Philippines’ most pressing development problems. With the growing number of overseas Philippine immigrants, AF-USA aims to tap the intellect and resources of Filipino-Americans to support outstanding development projects in the homeland.

This year’s Forum will address the needs and potential of the Philippines’ scientific and engineering resources, specifically opportunities in education, as well as challenges and opportunities in technology-based industries, such as the semiconductor, computing and telecommunication fields. The Foundation is inviting highly successful professionals in academe, government, industry, venture capital, and business to serve as resource speakers and lead an active discussion to help formulate objectives and key results to mitigate these challenges.

Ayala Foundation USA Chairman Diosdado Banatao said, “We hope to bring together all at one time, at one place, representatives from (1) academe, because there exists a need to build an adequate supply of technology experts, (2) representatives from government, because national policies and budget allocations are needed to support science and engineering programs, and finally (3) the business sector, to create technology based companies and industries. We envision all three sectors - academe, government and the private sector working together on this technology initiative to build economic strength and to ultimately alleviate poverty in our homeland.”

There's a couple of reasons that this holds great promise for the Philippines.

1. Forum-style transparency and absence of dubious political agenda for leading participants.
2. Although this is something that hasn't been tried before, it is absolutely with basis, owing to the success of global Filipinos at the most competitive place when you look at business innovation and competition - Web and Silicon Valley.
3. It's time that we elevate IT to its proper place in the hierarchy of facilitating innovation and creativity in looking for solutions to our country's problems.
4. Time is ripe for today's generation of Filipinos to participate in nation-building without getting into legislative process.
5. I believe that these people have done their homework and ready to get their hands dirty to perform and not just mouth off.

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