Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Want Rehab then This Is It

1. Crime doesn't pay. Don't be so sure on that.
2. Mess up the dance and you'll get solitary!
3. Are you sure this isn't CGI?
4. You say you want to go to prison? That isn't a bad idea but 'Can you dance'?
5. Yo, momma. I'm the 3rd one on the second row at 2:05 mark. Told yah I make you proud someday.
6. Because there's no way you can do the dance routine, you're hereby granted parole!.
7. How about calling all of us Smooth Criminals?
8. Pre-order the DVD now and you'd get authentic inmates fingerprints FREE!
9. The only prison where you're free to bolt and still nobody wants out.
10. Prison closed the door on my singing career but sure opened another.

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