Saturday, July 25, 2009

CTO: Chief Twitter Officer

In blackest day, in darkest night ...

I take Twitter seriously. In fact, the first thing I do when I open my Mac is to read twitter messages and updates then search for news, articles and posts to tweet. It all sound simple but it can be quite challenging, too especially if you have some other work to do. Or a bunch of unread email - which is akin to putting out fires.

And the next difficult part after that: Blogging. Whew.

There's Help! An 18-minute Plan to Managing Your Day. I've resolved to try this. Bear with me.

Twitter Value. Read on how Social Media brings business ops to small biz owners. Of course, there's skeptics!

The NYTimes interviews David Novak of Yum Brands. Insightful read for managers. I'd be happy and definitely approve if my kid would want to work for him.

Speaking of which, you still have time to vote for the Best Leadership Blog of 2009. Difficult choice but going through and reading all of the nominees makes YOU the winner.

John Barry: WD-40 Popularizer Dies Very useful thing. I bet you have at least one can in your house. I do. An empty one.

Wicked Cool i-Google Comics Themes!