Friday, July 17, 2009

Blurbs: Blogs Not Dead, Just Turned into Zombies

Unthinkable! No not MJ! What's scarier is when Blogspot dies and all content gets lost.

It's not that Steve Rubel is completely right when he says that blogging is dead, given that Posterous is awesome. A more chilling statement for me would be that may be the one dying along with JS-Kit and other commenting tools past 140 characters. Wordpress may endure even further given that it is more into CMS and can morph itself according to the needs of a website.

It's not as if blogging has changed radically because it still is not as easy as it looks. Sure, the tools are there for the taking but writing, which is at the heart of it, will never be a simple task. It takes commitment and better yet, inspiration. Given that Posterous allows publishing even easier, it will not come as a surprise that blog posts and comments or points of view will combine and leave us with tidbits or blurbs.

On another note, Twitter isn't blameless either. Besides the shorter character limit, Twitter allows you to push content instantly the moment you tweet something which cannot be said of blogs. But like blogging, don't let it fool you that Twitter is just like dipping into hats and magically, rabbits will appear. On the contrary, it's just as difficult to look for relevant content to tweet as you have to scour the sites like crazy - something to feed the info-hungry followers.

And when I said looking for content (on an average of 7 per day per twitter account), I also meant 'reading'. You'd be in luck if you can find 7 out of 7 immediately.

Building 43 solving the blog conundrum by the blog brigade led by Mr. Scoble. Commendable.