Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tax This! Cave Paintings. Advanced Civilization!

What is not to like when you can see sexy celebrity finally without the skimpy outfits she's famous for, without the usual brand ads hovering over her pics. Never mind that she's having a private moment with gorgeous doctor - totally proud of exhibiting his manhood and conquests, of unwitting victims for his voyeuristic pleasures. This is what reality tv - sex video is. Though hardly a scandal worth the trouble of government officials' time.


1. Sex is natural human activity. It's happening everywhere whether you want to turn a blind eye or not. Lot of time in your hands and love to watch? Go to web.

2. The 'admitting' part is the concern. Sex + public knowledge with proof = Shame. Shameful, indeed but not the act.

3. Hormones. Tough to wage a battle against it; threat of excommunication, notwithstanding.

4. Seen one, seen all. Just a few enticing differences in the form of curvatures, maybe. Probably, urge to watch is more out of curiosity (sic) otherwise it's a sick pre-occupation.

5. Let those involved settle this on their own. (Too late I guess). Betrayal of trust is really hurtful and I'm all for seeking redress yet I'm not sure if all the the show of hands from the different branches of government really have the victim's cause in mind. Really, are there no other more pressing national concerns?

Which leads me to ponder if the public officials find celebrities private lives more interesting than say, books? Apparently, we all do especially if we finally have proof that celebrities are just like us. Same needs, quirks and made of flesh and bones, too. (OK, a couple of baths prettier than most of us... Enhanced )
Frighteningly, horrific. Stupid, too.

You may want to learn about the frightful book blockade the government has shamefully put us all in, too. (Robin Hemley has made it his crusade.) Yes, there's also video material. Not a given, but hope it arouses something in you to do something out in the open, as humans naturally fond of learning and reading that is.


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