Monday, May 11, 2009

Come What May!

To say that this has been an exciting month is an understatement. Haven't been able to spare much time writing as much as I want to but good thing that there's Twitter to help log in the few details of my days so far.

Here's a few random thoughts...
  • Pacquiao. Need I say more. Marv Dumon's post captures it best. H1N1 exemption ...
  • Rekindled: Besides the boxing event, I was able to finish in record time, The Jesus Papers. Yes, I've got a few books on gnostic and early Christian ideas even before Dan brown made it big. Interesting fact is that my birth date used to be feast of one of the early Church fathers who happens to have fairly conservative gnostic leanings. Hmmmm.
  • Speaking of Mother's Day, what about Mother-Earth, eh. Wifey then had to endure endless hours of Isis and Mother Mary comparisons from moi during weekend road trip. Just saying.
  • Wolverine and Star Trek! Fantasy-galore!
  • Ok, Angels and Demons, too!
  • Social CRM chat. Maybe I get it wrong or not at all but fortunately, these people do and they're sharing their ideas with people.
Shane Gibson Moderating The Chat

Ciao for now.