Thursday, January 10, 2008

Technology for a Cause

Been talking and thinking about Ruby on Rails quite a lot the past few weeks. To say that it has gotten me intrigued would be putting it mildly. Know why? Because websites and blogs are singing praises about it. (And seriously, will get to its merits or demerits , ouch, some other time). Personally, if it's quite hot then maybe it's time we tell college kids about it and spread word on its adoption. Makes sense for it would mean jobs! And jobs mean food on the table. Felt to me that technology does make sense even to those who feel they're out of luck.

So check these list and tell me that technology does make a difference! Here's to more technology and innovation that will bring social justice and opportunity to improve lives.
  • Tactical Tech Collective - I thought tech was just for work and lifestyle efficiency, effectiveness and comfort. Dead wrong. Been more proud of them after I got info that a friend would now be sharing his skills with them!
  • Rails for All - How can I not be excited. I still can learn, can't I?
  • MITOCW - MIT! Open CourseWare. Revolutionary. Blazing new trails and bringing valuable and highly-esteemed learning and resources out of the classroom and out to the world. More importantly, it's Free!
Let's keep our eyes for more of these!