Friday, January 4, 2008

2007 E juice List

I know what you're probably thinking. Not another no-brainer list. Anyway, feel free to digress, add or comment. I just need to get this out.

Here's my top 5 E Juice list for 2007.

1. Broadband connection. I had been reared on dial-up for the last few years and have developed a phobia for sites with 'streaming videos" or "flash". Well, I'm not that patient and would often try to open another tab while wasting the time away. But, oh that fast connection has got me juiced up and confident of clicking whatever sites including P2P. Sites made with Ruby on Rails don't hurt either (they load faster).

2. Web 2.0. I might be late to the party but the web of interaction is just dynamic compared to the times back then. Now, no one cares about online dating simply because it is part and parcel of social networking already even if nobody notices it. And did I mention about traditional advertising? Of course, I didn't. What's that?

3. Cloud compute. Even with security fears and privacy concerns, we're all going to virtual storage. Aside from personal recognition, each one of us likes to collect things and keep it somewhere safe. And with all files being digitized, there's bound to be storage heaven for everyone. Ever wonder why its a buying spree for more storage out there especially the big boys.

4. Accelerators, incubators and individual or startup web achievement. I really don't know how today compares with the Internet bubble before but there's just this growth of being creative and entrepreneurial at present using lots of simple codes. And more people are benefiting from these innovations. We can thank the VCs and risk-takers for their courage and deep pockets. They not only provide money but more importantly really help startups and geeks succeed.

5. The Internet and virtualization of everything. Whatever you do, wherever you are, the Internet (eg. SAAS) can help you in lots of ways to market what it is you have despite not having the dough to spend in PR. But of course, you'll need internet savvy (from SEOs to killer websites and Adwords) and lots of time reading, analyzing, blogging or posting comments. Almost everything can be found there even desktop apps. But remember, content is still king.