Monday, July 27, 2020

Idea Drop: Not Your Parents' Idea Bin

For a world in turmoil, we need fresh ideas from everyone because looking at governments, most top-down leadership clearly is lacking so it isn't working.

With the sudden forced shift to online transactions, forward-thinking businesses and private companies know better than to make the same mistakes.  Trusting their workforce and rallying the troops means a lot of back and forth coordination and in the process, ideas will come from all directions that will have to be managed or things will just go to waste.

Using an idea management solution seems a plausible alternative to emails and long-threaded chats currently used within companies. Of course, not being able to meet face-to-face also contribute to the chaos of documenting idea contributions and suggestions as much as tracking what happens after that.

You could say that the use of an Idea Management Software is ripe for adoption because at his point, the only thing more powerful than the pandemic aside people thinking of the welfare of other people is an 'idea whose time has come'.

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