Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Open Feels Closed

At OSCON, a new group was launched and calls itself the Open Cloud Initiative.

From Networkworld

The group is a “non-profit organization established to advocate open standards in cloud computing”. The OCI is modeled after the Open Source Initiative that helped define OSS and OSI accepted licenses.

The OCI says their purpose is “to provide a legal framework within which the greater cloud computing community of users and providers can reach consensus on a set of requirements for Open Cloud, as described in the Open Cloud Principles (OCP) document, and then apply those requirements to cloud computing products and services, again by way of community consensus.”

One word comes to mind.  Splinter.

And that is often is followed by 'ouch'.

[Might as well just call it CCCP.  Closed Cloud Computing Posturing. ] 


Is that what you call open?