Thursday, June 9, 2011

TIME's Best Blogs 2011

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Picked out 5 from TIME's 25 fresh picks of 2011.  Check all 25 and see which one you haven't discovered yet.

The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates - As a whole, The Atlantic is always a reader's delight but just want to make sure you don't miss Ta-Nehisi.

Cool Hunting This is indie FastCo Design.  Design serendipity. 

Smitten Kitchen.  Real foodies always try to prepare the food at home themselves.  Push yourself and be one.  Photos alone are pure magic.  

A Hamburger Today.  So you want it simpler?  How about burgers?  But then, there's more hamburgers than your regular fast food variety.  My mouth waters just thinking about the possibilities.

OK Cupid.  Ed Tufte and sexy.  Data to make you blush.  

As parents,  we're suckers for kid learning tips and advice.  Wife found Paul Blogush online and gives us something more to think about and consider about becoming real parent-teachers.


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Unknown said...

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