Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Non-Presciption Elixir for the Unproductively Weary

Effects of advanced age aside, there are days when one feels incapable of meeting life head on to take on whatever challenge that lies ahead. Most often, these types of challenges are hardly new nor one that provides a welcome disruption but instead are borne and bred out of routine - the boring-kind, as we'd like to call it.  And if not addressed, will eat away any of the motivation that drives a person to perform and excel at what she does.

So here are 3 readily-available elixirs to boost the productive self that doesn't require prescription and best of all, they're also free.

" The recent evidence is overwhelming: naps are not just physically restorative, but also improve perceptual skills, motor skills, reaction time and alertness. "

" One of the powerful things about rituals is that we often give them a special importance: they can be almost spiritual (and sometimes actually spiritual, depending on the ritual). And when they become special, we are more mindful of them — we don’t just rush through them mindlessly."

"If you're looking to multitask your willpower training, try walking meditation. A 2009 study by researchers at the University of Exeter, UK, found that walking for 15 minutes decreased cravings among smokers, and a 2010 at the University of Virginia study found that two weeks of regular exercise induced brain changes that suppressed cravings, and reduced drug-seeking behavior, in cocaine-addicted rats."

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