Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tears for Fears. Check.

[My] Ten Tears for Fears recollection over the years ...

1. Read Arthur Janov's Primal Scream
2. Named HS barkada after the song 'Ideas as Opiates'
3. The Hurting as one of the my 10 best debut albums. Wicked album cover, too. Start of the Breakdown is my fave.
4. Did you know they used to play with Byrne and Fischer - future 'Naked Eyes' ?
5. First time I heard of Bath in England. Musically, I'm Liverpudlian.
6. Thing that comes to mind when I hear or read 'segue' is Broken/Head Over Heels
7. Think these are gems of a song, too. Very. When in Love with a Blind Man and The Way You Are
8. Serendipitously, received a TFF DVD last Christmas. Zaki loves watching Curt and Roland.
9. Roland guested on Colourfield's Deception; joins Terry Hall in Running Away and Confession
10. Poster [taken from Mad World single cover] used to hang on the wall of my bedroom. Never crossed my mind I'd see and hear them in the flesh.

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