Friday, April 23, 2010

Innovation: Simplicity is spelled as S-A-A-S

*A post I did about a year ago from the company blog site that was taken out of commission. Got a couple more that I may have no chance of retrieving. Sad thing to go over reading old posts, but like lost love letters, tragic to not be able to capture, not the words, but the feelings again. Cloud = Archives = Hindsight = Proper Perspective.
** Glad somebody appreciated it as much as to quote it. [ BIBlogs - Business Intelligence]

Pencil Pot by Leanda [Flickr]

Anyone who says that the tendency to accumulate doesn't exist within himself is either a liar or at opposite best, is enlightened. Throw in the alternate reality to believe that "all things, you can get for free" and all common sense walks out of the door. Sometimes you wonder whether life isn't enough that we often add more complexity to everything.

Same goes for the environments that we have presence in, starting from your own private room, extending to business and now, even to that very dynamic world of the web which churns out 'try this' faster than your bandwidth.

Ironically, the web is also the place for finding people who devote themselves to find even better ways - to improve things from which we can all start the journey towards simplicity. Or so it goes for new technology such as Software as a Service or SaaS.

From the web-based email - think GMail and Yahoo! Mail to enterprise apps such as SugarCRM, SaaS can make things a lot simpler. Not only does it eliminate a lot of the tedious process of setting up stuff especially for non-geeks, it also follows the principle of 'offering what would only be the features of most value as well as frequently used'. It makes perfect sense because SaaS rides the internet and there is nothing worse than waiting for a slow app to load features you really don't need (advancements in programming, aside).

So if you're really caught in the downturn, nothing works like innovation. It might just surprise you that the answer is as simple as trying out the nearest SaaS app alternative to the one you're already using.

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