Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lottery and Subscriptions I'd Be Happy to Pay

Notwithstanding the demise of print media, I still prefer to get my daily reading fare from established names in the world of journalism. Not only do they provide us with well-crafted and well-researched pieces, but over-all I guess it's a daily learning experience basking in the prose, poetry, candor and class of what journalism truly brings to the table. Knowing the dire circumstances that this living writing heroes are faced with, I hope that someday I will be able to help sustain their endeavors.

So when I win the lottery, getting paid subscriptions (if they charge) would rank up there with a new house and car for missus in terms of priority.

1. New York Times
2. Businessweek
3. The New Yorker
4. The Economist
5. The Atlantic
6. The Financial Times
7. Harvard Business Review
8. Wired
9. The Boston Globe
10. TheGuardian.UK

And if I still have a few change to spare: Wall Street Journal and couple of design magazines and comic books