Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Innovation Obsession

All this reading about innovation, tinkering and self-improvement does indeed make for a healthy obsession. Creativity.

I hate driving. If I were to choose between being a public commuter and having to drive around by myself in Manila, I'd definitely be happier going with the former. Of course, Metro Manila traffic is one factor in the equation but truthfully, I love walking and the combined sense of adventure as well as solitude, public commute affords me. Getting the accompanying physical exercise from it- like the 3-story climb up the MRT or navigating between people traffic, is icing on the cake.

Recently, however, both my feet haven't been feeling all too comfortable with this, especially my heels. But unless I'd be wearing Crocs or running shoes to go with my daily shirt and jeans outfit, it would be better to just stay home or drive car to work. None of which seems appealing.

So, after some investigating, I found that there's one solution to this, the use of insoles [actually there's two - but losing weight can't be instantaneous].

Problem solved except that heel insoles, aside from being pricey here can be quite bulky for a shoe that isn't one size bigger. But then, there might be a way around this - one I'd have to make by my own.

There is no end in this story yet as I'm still trying to find one to customize to my needs. I'm cutting and joining insoles, measuring the arch contours and testing my walking patterns looking for that perfectly comfortable fit [or feet].

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