Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heart Can Clap

If there's one peculiar trait that I do not have a problem showing is that I am awe-stuck by good news and revelatory insights.

As an avid sports fan, I would literally be screaming myself hoarse when then a boxers punch connects or when an acrobatic miracle heave of a shot goes through the hoop. I jump, I pace the floor and wouldn't sit down while constantly hitting my forehead with both closed fists as if by doing so would commit a lesson into the inner recesses of a memory-filled mind.

And today is no different.

1. Team Pilipinas big win! Nothing significant except when you're so used to heartbreaks. I believe.

2. Aquino's Ripple Effect. An open world indebted to Cory (Boston Globe).

3. Found: Proof that newspapers can be saved! Via really elegant site of Matthew E. May (In Pursuit of Elegance)