Friday, June 26, 2009

InterWeb: Learning and Teaching at the Core

Felt as if we all lost a chunk. RIP, MJ.

Ironically, it has taken technology as a tool to provide and remind us once again that more than ever how personal core values remain as important as ever whether at real world or virtual space. The quest to find meaning is as strong as ever and nowhere in history has this been as collective and interconnected now more than any other time. It is as if more than intellect, true success stories are but another facet of connecting with passions and pursuing them despite the costs but careful not to upset social balance towards inequality (or lack of concern towards plight of others).

"Leadership is about Teaching" - John Wooden

Positivity in Practical Steps. Encouragement is more than words, of course.

: Accelerating the Evolution of Management

Relationships First, Innovation Second
. Being human.