Monday, April 20, 2009

Small Mercies

Writing is easy; good writing isn't.

When part of your work expects that you fill up blog space for not one but several sites, writing becomes a bit more than you can handle. I know it isn't journalism for Chrissakes but I'm no journalism graduate, either. What I do know is I love certain types of words and that they're bugging me no end that I have to get rid of them by putting those thoughts into paper or ether.

Still, there are quite a few tricks that make blogging for me more palatable.
  • My Space. I'm not referring to the social network. What I mean is that I find it easier to write when I'm all alone, free of distractions. As a parent, you can only do that at the wee hours of the morning. Office is a bit ok, too.
  • Inspired. It could be a movie, a story or some event in your life and voila, the words keep flowing as if you're on auto-pilot. On the other end, think rants!
  • Props. Amazing what encouragement can do, though, it does come few and far between. Much as you don't do anything for money or recognition, you'd have to acknowledge that these things work like magic pills, at most times.
In spite of these, it's fair to admit that I won't be seeing the rainbows end - no in a few months or even years. Thankfully, I am not compelled to - plus, there's twitter.
Speaking of which ... by some stroke of luck, there's this Business Intelligence blog post that felt there was some value to a post I had written about SaaS simplicity. I'm putting it here because even I can't believe those words came from me (and I love that shot of those colored pencils!)