Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5 Best Sites to Help you over the Downturn and Feel Better

There's a reason for calling them Happy Feet!

Have you read the news lately? If not, then good for you. You see, under the pretense of 'calling it like it is', reading about media, churning sad turn of event after event for the sake of information isn't about to do you any good. The US elections are in the homestretch (proof here) but is there really something to look forward to or are we in again for another surprise?

How about we cheer ourselves up a bit with positive news and leave Gartner's IT advices for now? Not the 'manufactured' kind but good old stories that inspire. And besides, future is really cloudy, however you look at it.

Read on for my my list of 5 Best Sites to Help you Over the Downturn.

1. TED.com
Inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers. Go watch, learn and be inspired. "nuff said.

2. DailyGood.org Value of perspective is often overlooked.
"Watching the nightly news and reading the daily newspapers, it's hard to imagine that there is good in the world. But it's often right under our noses in the ordinary, small and simple things that have sustained life for ages. DailyGood, then, aims to promote that good, change the nature of our conversations and spread a few more smiles."

Other mentionables:

3. ESPN Page 2. Sports-writing or journalism is often overlooked despite what David Halberstam and the others have accomplished. Athletes, like demi-gods are actually, behind the exploits, humans, too. Know more about the persons behind the record books - and not wait for the movies. Sports sites like Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports are worth visiting as well!

4. Blogs. Be it Social Media like Buzz Bin or Tech Commentary from Nick Carr or Enterprise 2.0 meets Academe from Andrew McAffee, they are all worth it. Throw in LifeHack and Zen Habits, too.

5. HypeMachine.
Who doesn't listen to music? Sure, we miss Muxtape and maybe soon, Pandora. So before you spend hours on your own Last.fm channel, yoou might want to discover what's making the music blog rounds and listen to the hype

Care to share what's your fave sites that lift you up from the stupor?


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