Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Eeds: Green-Wired to Mars then back to Portland

Mean-Green Truths. Kudos for making it to the cover but can't we even get our facts together.

Geoff wouldn't take this carbon blindness sitting down.

That Petrol Emotion in History. Coal to Oil and then what? Look where we are now and where we're going. Not Pretty.

Goin' Interplanetary. Made me as giddy as a schoolboy. And it there's life out there in Mars (or is this just a symptom of not being able to find life in front of you)?

Yes, company blogs can be fun, too. I do write for a company blog and this just makes me want to strive to be funnier (?). But this company blog just goes beyond that. Hats off to them.

And speaking of company blogs, our mates are off to the event for Rails peeps. RailsConf is upon us.

Thanks to Wired, TheBuzzBin & ReadWriteWeb for making reading educational and enjoyable.